VROOM-vroom. You can now experience the thrills and triumph of British land speed record attempts in an inspiring new multi-media feature at Beaulieu National Motor Museum.

The iconic land speed record cars are displayed to tell a story of British pluck, technological mastery and national pride – alongside further vehicles with an alternative land speed heritage.

In a year that sees the 85th Anniversary of Henry Segrave’s record in Golden Arrow and the 50th Anniversary of Donald Campbell’s Bluebird CN7 record, the story of the men behind the motors is told for the first time with artefacts never before seen on public display.

From the first official Land Speed Record in 1898 to the modern supersonic era; engineers and drivers have strived to push back technological barriers in the quest to be the fastest on earth. Some have paid the ultimate price.

This quintessentially British story is brought to life in a moving audio-visual presentation, transporting you back to a golden age of invention, courage and patriotism and introducing you to those who are keeping Britain’s record breaking dream alive today.

Why do they do it? In the words of former British land speed record holder Richard Noble: “For Britain – and the hell of it!”

Also on display at the National Motor Museum is the Motorcycle Story, which chronicles the early days of motorsport to urban counter-culture.

The Motorcycle Story immerses the visitor in a journey through motorcycling history and the human quest for freedom, individuality and the desire to win.

Supporting artefacts include clothing and trophies won by sporting greats in displays which cover varied racing disciplines, road safety and British youth culture of the 1950s and 60s with the Mods and Rockers.

Plus see who you voted on the Motorcycling Icons Wall of Fame.

For more information please visit beaulieu.co.uk