ON WHAT was already a warm humid night in Boscombe, Skunk Anansie managed to crank up the temperature and the atmosphere in the O2 to levels that had everyone drenched before the set was even half over.

As a band that have been together for the best part of 25 years, they have lost none of the passion that has seen them gain and maintain a reputation as one of the best live bands around.

They are masters of writing and performing songs that get everyone jumping and sweating along and stay with you over the years. It’s difficult to believe that Weak and Hedonism we’re released in the nineties as they sound so fresh and new.

Ace, Cas and Mark took to the stage and started the heavy, driving beat that the band are so well known for before they were joined by Skin dressed from head to toe in black.

Her distinctive vocals perfectly compliment the rest of the band whilst as a front woman she is unsurpassed by almost anyone who comes to mind.

She is like a force of nature ripping through the set list with an almost elemental fury that sees her in amongst the crowd during the second song.

The level of energy sustained by the band never faltered – even during the odd ballad the intensity was palpable.

This was one of the loudest gigs I have been to at the O2 and I left the venue soaked through with a ringing in my ears that lasted most of the drive home. The perfect end to a fantastic night of proper music played by a great band.