REVIEW: Weymouth Sunday Concert, Weymouth Bay Church

The first concert of 2020 featured an unusual woodwind combination: Katherine Bryer was on the oboe, Stephen Williams played the clarinet and Antonia Lazenby took to the bassoon.

The sounds of the different instruments blended well, the sonorous tone of the bassoon complementing the clarinet and oboe.

The first half consisted of French works, mainly twentieth century, with three solo clarinet pieces by Stravinsky (who lived in France for several years). These pieces took advantage of the clarinet’s facility for playful progressions.

The initial part of the concert concluded with Francaix’s Divertissement, said by the bassoonist to be one of her favourite pieces.

The second half began with an arrangement of a J.S. Bach's three part invention. Apparently, the inventions were written for Bach’s eldest son as studies, and the three parts transferred naturally to the three instruments.

A. Telemann's Fantasia was played as an oboe solo, and the concert concluded with Mozart’s Divertimento No. 3, with its attractive set of movements.

Altogether it was an enjoyable programme and a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the winter.

The next Sunday concert will be at 3pm on February 16, with the highlight expected to be Schubert’s String Quintet in C major.

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