WRITER and actor John Hewer is hoping to strike a balance between comedy and horror with his one man show Dracula, One Bloody Fang After Another at the Shelley Theatre tonight.

Bram Stoker’s immortal horror story is given an affectionate lampooning in this physical, riotous comedy.

John established Hambledon Productions in 2007 with his sister and says he started with a film noir spoof and over the years has paid a comedic homage to different genres.

But he says this latest show is a homage to the work of Bram Stoker.

“With such a strong story, this is the epitome of horror.

“I made sure that I stuck to the novel, without diverting too far from the original story.

“It is such a strong text.

“What I am doing is bringing the human side to such a famous story.

“For instance, the comedy comes from the character wordplay and the feedback and interaction between the different personalities.

There is real comedy, from ridiculous situations.”

Dracula: One Bloody Fang After Another, consists of 18 characters, all played by John.

“I enjoy switching between the dialogue and the different traits of the people within the play.

“It is fast-paced and what happens is that the audience easily relaxes into the performance.

“It is the characters that take the audience on a journey.”

The show has another nine dates lined up across the UK after tonight’s Bournemouth show which starts at 7.30pm.

* To book tickets, call 01202 413600 or book online at shelleytheatre.co.uk