DEBONAIR French raconteur, Marcel Lucont, is the alter ego of comedian Alexis Dubus who brings his comic performance to Shelley Theatre on Saturday, November 16.

His visit is part of another successful year for Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, the monthly showcase that brings in acts from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Marcel explains: “I’m going to delve into people’s misdemeanours and woeful life experiences.”

The evening is split into three sections: the worst day at work; the worst amorous encounter and the worst overseas experience. Marcel describes it as “like a kind of group therapy, but one where people may well come out of it more depressed.”

Marcel has been performing for ten years to audiences around the world and was a winner of the Spirit Of The Fringe in 2014. “I am certain the longevity of Pick Of The Fringe has primarily been down to me. It has been a real honour for Mervyn to have me on, as such an esteemed performer undoubtedly boosting sales over the years.”

Mervyn is known for venturing out and finding interesting acts to share with his Edinburgh audience.

The audience next weekend, are promised an evening “they will never forget”.

“All I can promise is that people will encounter genius for 90 minutes and spend time with a cultural icon. They will get to bathe in European culture, before everyone waves goodbye to it, “ quips Marcel.

* Marcel Lucont’s Whine List is on Saturday November 16. To book tickets, visit or call 01202 413600