Wareham Wednesdays have done it again with a spectacular night last Friday writes community correspondent Krissi Morris.

As anyone who lives in Wareham knows, it rained on Friday morning. In fact it rained so hard that there were floods in some places making streets impassable for a time, hopes were fading quickly for a good bonfire and firework display on the rugby ground behind Bestwall Road.

Not to be deterred by a bit of dampness! The decision was made and the show went on. It was a brilliant night, despite the cold, many turned out for what can only be described as a fantastic evening. There were food stalls, plenty of music, fairground rides and a fancy dress competition. Wareham Lions came along to give support and ran two stalls, wine or water and higher or lower.

Many families came along with excited children well prepared with ‘wellies’, hats, gloves and scarves to keep out the evening chill. Soon the fire was lit under the Guy and as the flames and sparks leapt high into the air, expectation mounted.

Finally, with a loud bang, the fireworks began. Cheers went up and the noise could be heard all over Wareham. The display gets better and better with fireworks spewing out flashes of red, crimson, blue, green, silver and gold as millions of sparks looking like stars, cascaded back to earth, the sound of ooh and ah echoed around the crowds.

Thank you to Wareham Wednesdays for yet another brilliant night of fun.

For more information about Wareham Wednesdays or if you would like to volunteer your time to help in anyway, contact www.warehamwednesdays.org