COASTGUARD and ambulance teams were called to a remote part of Purbeck after a person suffered a head injury on Sunday.

A team from Wyke Coastguard were paged at 12:24pm to assist the ambulance service to get the casualty to safety from Ringstead.

The casualty had sustained a head injury, suffering a mild seizure as a result.

South Western Ambulance Service paramedics were tending to the patient, but had requested coastguard assistance due to the location of the incident.

A team from Lulworth Coastguard Rescue were also tasked to the incident, due to the possible technical nature of the extraction, and their close locality.

When on scene, initially Wyke members made their way to the casualty location. They were met by paramedics, who had managed to stabilise the casualty.

The casualty was now back on their feet and able to walk themself out.

The Wyke and Lulworth teams assisted the casualty and paramedics from the scene of the incident, back to the awaiting ambulance.