A KIND-hearted cake maker from Bournemouth has launched a group to provide free cakes for people with cancer.

Annette Langley-Tayler, 53, has created a group called Cakes for Cancer Dorset to bring a "little cheer" to residents dealing with cancer through wedding, birthday and other celebration cakes.

Annette said: "I, like just about everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some form or other.

“I lost my youngest brother in law to it 10 years ago and then watched my eldest one go through all the stages of firstly being diagnosed, through to (thankfully) 18 months later being given the all clear.

"Whilst my eldest brother in law was going through all of this he moved in with us as he was self employed and wasn’t able to work and subsequently wasn’t able to support himself financially whilst being treated."

She added: “Being a cake maker, one of the things that cheered Nigel up was a cake.”

Annette has been making cakes professionally for the past 15 years.

The group has only been up and running on Facebook for two weeks but already around 20 generous volunteers have come forward to offer their skills and time to Cakes for Cancer Dorset.

Annette’s first creation was a coffee cake for Deborah Couch’s mother who is going through palliative chemotherapy and became very poorly after contracting neutropenic sepsis.

Deborah said: “I was blown away by how kind this was and how big the cake was, my mum was totally amazed by the kindness.”

Annette has also been in touch with a number of cancer centres in Dorset to help spread the word as well as people who want to make a donation.

She said: “What we do is for free. We take the cost on ourselves and in getting them to people.”

“It would be great if we could get the word out for people looking for a cake, if they’re not going to cancer care centres people aren’t aware of what we do. If you need us we’re here.”

To volunteer to make a cake, help produce leaflets or to ask for a cake to be made for someone you know dealing with cancer, visit facebook.com/cakesforcancerdorset or cakesforcancerdorset.co.uk