After chaos at peak visitor periods last summer, parking restrictions are set to be extended in West Lulworth.

As reported in the Echo at the time, on some of the busiest days of 2017, cars were parked on either side of the road that leads down from the entrance to Durdle Door campsite to the village of West Lulworth and Lulworth Cove, making it difficult for traffic and emergency vehicles to pass.

Now, ahead of this year's peak season, stakeholders are consulting on plans to extend the existing double yellow lines further along the road - and signs have already been placed announcing that parking is not permitted.

James Weld, proprietor of the Lulworth Estate which owns and manages Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, noted that 'inconsiderate' parking had at times reduced the highway to a single lane and restricted the traffic flow.

"Since last August Bank Holiday, the Lulworth Estate has been working with the highway authority, Dorset County Council, and the parish council to install double yellow lines to prevent this occurring in the future.

"We hope the consultation will be completed in time for this year’s summer season. As a temporary measure, the roads authority has erected a series of signs notifying drivers of the need to keep the road clear, with the council's parking enforcement officers patrolling during busy periods."

A spokesman for Dorset County Council confirmed that the highway authority was looking to extend parking restrictions.

"The council has been working with the Lulworth Estate to try and avoid the problems experienced last summer with cars parking along the road and blocking two-way traffic, as well as emergency access," the spokesman said.

"Consultation is underway to extend the double yellow lines from Church Road up to Daggers Gate.

Signs are currently out advising drivers not to park along this road. This should help visitors and residents enjoy their stay by helping maintain access to West Lulworth."

Councillor Cherry Brooks, who is taking a lead role in the consultation, said: "We're doing this as a result of what happened last August bank holiday. There have been times when emergency vehicles have not been able to get past.

"Villagers have been frustrated because they can't get out of their houses."

Cllr Brooks added that parking would still be allowed on Church Road.

Paul Simpson, a former chair of the village parish council and resident of a farm close to Daggers Gate, agreed that something needed to be done about the parking situation. "It's a good idea, and I'm glad they're taking it seriously. Last summer [the parking] was chaotic."

Mr Simpson added, however, that it was important the restrictions were enforced by patrolling officers. "Last summer, people just parked on the double yellow lines," he noted.