PLANS for the redevelopment of Studland's Knoll House Hotel are expected to be submitted in the next few weeks.

The hotel, a favourite of children's author Enid Blyton, opened in 1931.

Last year it was sold to Kingfisher Resorts, prompting widespread speculation about its future.

Now the Daily Echo can confirm some key features of the proposals for the site.

Owners want to cement the hotel as a five star leisure destination, appealing to national and international customers.

The hotel, which historically has not opened all year round, will change to a 12-month operation, in a bid to provide better opportunities for staff in terms of contacts.

While owners insist the frontage will remain a key feature of any redevelopment, the hotel could consist of greater range of accommodation including 30 rooms, 38 apartments and 25 villas.

Improved leisure facilities, including a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and ample car parking is also planned.

The current golf course and tennis courts will remain in place for the benefit of guests, owners say. However, the new leisure facilities will be available to local residents through membership of the hotel's Leisure Club.

The hotel will also offer a fine dining restaurant, for special occasions, a stylish bar and a café/bistro with al fresco dining.

Ben Read from the planning consultancy Rapleys LLP said: "Kingfisher Resorts is a quality operator which likes to work with the local community to create exciting resort-style hotel facilities that are future proof and add value to the area.

"The team is committed to Knoll House for the long term and have no intention of developing the site to sell it.

"It is therefore important to them that they work with local residents and planning officers to ensure the detail is right.

"It is an exciting next chapter for Knoll House."

Enid Blyton would often stay at the hotel for weeks at a time. She'd write stories influenced by her own exploits in the surrounding countryside, which would go on to form the basis for her Famous Five novels.

Other notable guests of the hotel include Britain's wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill, writer Roald Dahl and Hollywood icon Vivien Leigh.