AN 'unprecedented' increase in visitor numbers to Lulworth Cove caused chaotic scenes on local roads at the weekend. (June 30/July1)

The drive down to the beauty spot was described as 'chaotic' and 'hideous' due to drivers parking on the side of the road and blocking traffic.

An estimated 10,000 daytrippers visited the area throughout Saturday (June 30) and Sunday. (July 1)

Some holidaymakers heading for the cove and for Dorset's iconic Durdle Door, took half an hour to complete the short drive along Main Road from West Lulworth, with many even opting to abandon the attempt.

On Saturday (June 30) fuming motorist Paul James said: "Roads into Lulworth are now one way streets.

"Just spent 20 minutes reversing back down the hill trying to avoid everyone turning around.

"Coaches cannot get down the hill, it is chaos. Put the no parking cones back, like you do when it is quiet, or yellow line it."

Parking restrictions are in place for a section of the road into Lulworth Cove, but not all the way along it.

Visitor Terry Chancellor, told the Echo: "It was hideous, we were stuck in traffic going nowhere and all the time the temperature was rising.

"People were having to reverse all the way back up, a lot of the bigger vehicles looked like they were never going to make it to the car park, which was rammed solid by the way.

Terry believes problems could have been avoided if other visitors stopped parking at the side of the road.

Meanwhile, the family-owned Lulworth Estate, which includes a five mile stretch of the Jurassic Coast, Lulworth Castle, Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, says it is working with Dorset County Council and the Highways Agency to increase the parking restrictions.

An estate spokesman explained: "We are seeing unprecedented vehicle visitor numbers, not helped by the great weather we've been receiving.

"Temporary no parking signs put in place over Easter have been successful, and these will now be going out for the rest of the school holidays.

"A dedicated traffic enforcement officer has been positioned down at Lulworth to manage things

"In the meantime we would urge visitors to please abide by the rules of the Highway Code, we are doing our best."