THIS is the magical moment a pod of playful dolphins were spotted having a splashing good time in front of the Barfleur on Sunday.

Callum Wills from Poole captured pictures and video footage of the spectacle at around 9am from the Pilot Boat Vanguard.

He and the coxswain had noticed the dolphins jumping up on the bow wave of the ferry just off Studland.

He said: “They stayed with the Barfleur until Bar Buoy just off Old Harry rocks. There were 3/4 playing with the ferry and I would estimate we saw 7/8 of them in the area afterwards. Some of them looked young as well."

After the sighting, Callum shared his footage and pictures in the Poole Harbour and Port History Facebook group and they have since had 651 'likes' and 489 shares.

Callum added: “They have been seen before but that’s the first time I have seen them personally. It was amazing to see them that close up and in those numbers, it was a combination of luck and right place right time.”