A MUM and three young children were rescued from Purbeck marshland by a police helicopter crew on Wednesday afternoon.

The group called the emergency services after getting lost in Studland. It is reported that the family had parked at Knoll Beach but lost their bearings walking through the dunes as they tried to reach the coastline.

Officers aboard an NPAS helicopter based in Exeter discovered them around an hour and a half later.

Coastguard officials gave the family advice to stick to proper paths after the incident.

A spokesperson from Dorset Police said: "We were called shortly before 10.45am to reports that a family had got lost.

"They were spotted and rescued at around 12.15pm."

Tactical flight officer Ade Taylor tweeted: "We found a mother with three young children.

"They had become disoriented in thick marshland at Studland and were unable to find their way out.

"We tried to talk them out via phone but had to land nearby.

"I guided the group on foot to firmer ground with help from the coastguard."