A YOUTUBE video showing the extent of littering at a iconic beauty spot received thousands of hits in just a matter of hours.

Self-employed landscape photographer Ben Kapur from Bridport uploaded a video showing the aftermath of a day at Durdle Door.

The shocking video shows glass bottles and beer cans studding into the caves at the beach and received 4,500 views within hours of it going live.

The 25-year-old was visiting the beach with his younger brother and said: "It opened up our eyes to the fact some people are too lazy to put rubbish in the bin and it ruins areas of beauty like this.”

“You could have easily spent the rest of the morning making 20-30 trips [to the bins] despite only taking an extra two or three minutes.”

He said that he event found discarded needles in the caves and added: "It boiled my blood, kids run around and explore the caves; you wouldn’t want your kid running in there and then he’s crying with a needle stuck in his hand, it’s insane.”

Mr Kapur suggested that there should be a parking permit scheme such as bringing plastic bags to the bins in exchange for free parking - which is currently £4 for two hours.

He said: "There shouldn’t have to be an incentive, but in today’s society you need to have an incentive

“There were about 40 to 50 bottles of Budweiser

“I guess people don’t look at places like Durdle Door as an iconic location, they just see it as a beach for the party.”

Mr Kapur now carries a plastic bag in his backpack to pick up rubbish and is encouraging others to do the same, stating that people should make the effort to carry an extra bag even if they’re taking their dog for a walk.

He hopes his video will raise awareness of the issue, and says he is happy to create more content.

He did not think about making the video until he arrived, but states that he has seen litter around Durdle Door in all seasons, including ‘bits and bobs during the Beast from the East’.

“It is something that bothers me and a lot of people.”

Lulworth Estate were approached for comment but failed to respond.

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