POLICE have seen a rise in deer, hare and pheasant poaching in Purbeck.

Purbeck police said carcases have been left in fields after poachers have left the scene.

A spokesperson said: “This is horrible and sometimes a horrific thing to see. The damage that is caused to fields, crops , fences etc. It costs money and worry to landowners and that’s not even including the pain that the animal has gone through.”

Now members of the public are being urged to report sightings of suspicious vehicles, padlocks being bolt-cropped, tyre tracks in fields and gates being left open as well as possible poaching activity.

The spokesperson added: “If you pass on valuable intelligence, we will act on it and bring offenders to justice.”

To report any suspicious activity, contact the police on 101 or call the dedicated Rural Crime Reporting Line on 0800 783 0137.

Alternatively, visit ruralcrimereportingline.uk to give information anonymously.