AN inspirational teacher from Purbeck has lost five stone in a bid to show his pupils that “anything is possible.”

Harry Peake, who teaches at The Swanage School, joined Weight Watchers in January of this year after he could no longer buckle his seatbelt when flying on planes and his trousers stopped fitting him properly.

He also said he was “completely embarrassed” when it came to looking at any photo of himself.

Harry said: “I wanted to change my life. I was sick of feeling sad about my weight and the way I looked but, more importantly I wanted to prove to myself, and the children I teach that anything is possible when you change the way you think.”

“I wanted to be a great teacher but, also wanted to be a positive role model and felt I couldn’t do this by being overweight. How could I preach about a healthy lifestyle and not be in control of myself?”

“So, I had to change, predominantly for myself but also for the children who were sat in front of me in the classroom.”

After cutting out foods such as crisps and pizza, Harry now prepares him own meals and views food differently.

He said: “It’s not about convenience anymore but all about variety and preparing meals with more thought.

“People ask me “what treats do you enjoy?” My response would be that I enjoy living again, that’s my biggest treat! I don’t need treats anymore! Being in control on my life and having students say to me “Sir, you’re looking great” is the biggest treat I could ever wish for.”

Harry said he has adopted a “positive outlook on life” which includes embracing new challenges.

He said: “Since joining Weight Watchers I have gained so much confidence! I was dying but now I’m living.

“I’ve gained so much confidence but, more importantly, adopted a positive outlook on life. I now believe in myself and embrace new challenges. I enjoy things now that I had never dreamt I could do before because now I believe in myself and have found an inner strength to tackle life head on.”