MONKEY World in Dorset has called on supporters to sign a petition over the banned Iceland advert.

The ape rescue centre, which is based near Wareham, responded to the controversy on Twitter.

The Christmas advert from the food retailer, which features an orangutan called Rang-tan, highlights the impact of palm oil on the environment.

But it was banned by Clearcast, the body which assesses adverts against the the broadcasting code.

They said the advert "contravened the prohibition on political advertising", referring to its origins as a Greenpeace advert.

A spokesperson for Monkey World, responding to the furore over the weekend said: "Like many, we were shocked at Clearcast's decision to ban Iceland's Christmas advert about the plight of the orangutan in the wild. "They say it posts on "behalf of a political organisation" but we can't see any reference to this organisation within the advert itself?

"We're asking you to sign this petition to re-instate the advert, and also write to Clearcast to complain about their decision."