TEMPORARY housing could soon be placed on the former Wareham Middle School site, says Dorset County Council.

County Hall says a masterplan is being worked on by health and social care agencies that will ultimately see a health and care scheme developed.

However, in the meantime officials propose to use temporary, modular housing for a short-term solution to a 'demonstrable need for social care housing'.

DCC councillor Beryl Ezzard, who represents the Wareham ward, said: "This type of housing allows the council to use sites while medium and long-term plans are developed. There is a local need for housing and we need it quickly."

Currently there are 33 people the DCC area in need of accommodation in the next 12 months.

Also, there are an additional 41 people in Purbeck who have a need for housing in the next five years.

A DCC spokesman explained: "The reasons that people are in need are - discharge from long-term hospital accommodation, moving on from home or currently living in inappropriate housing.

"Relocatable, modular housing can help with some of this short-term accommodation need.

"The buildings are made in a factory and lifted into position on site.

"They can be designed to meet specific needs, such as wheelchair accessibility."

Scores of people attended a public information event, showing plans for the middle school campus, last month.

DCC proposes a new health hub, care home and housing for key workers on the Worgret Road site.

The temporary homes could be relocated when development of the health hub finally gets underway.

As well as new health care facilities, the council says it also wants to improve pedestrian and cycle routes in and around the proposed development.

According to plans, the footpath along West Street could be widened to improve access to the proposed health hub, and a new footpath could be built on the north side of Worgret Road between the new development at Westgate and the health hub.