THE head of Purbeck District Council (PDC) could be leaving with a bumper £121,000 payout, plus a sizeable pension.

PDC chief executive Steve Mackenzie is being made redundant due to the looming local government reorganisation, set for April 1, which will see Dorset's nine councils amalgamating into two new unitary authorities.

This evening, councillors from PDC will be asked to recommend rubber-stamping a voluntary redundancy package for Mr Mackenzie.

A report to members explains that, in accordance with the voluntary release scheme adopted by the Shadow Dorset Council, Mr Mackenzie would be entitled to a payment of £94,906.79 as "compensation for loss of employment."

Added to this, if agreed, would be post-employment notice period payments amounting to £22,492 and £3,857.70.

This makes a total of £121,256.49.

Also, because Mr Mackenzie is over 55 years of age he will be entitled to access his pension.

The report explained: "The early access to his pension will create a strain on the pension fund, which will result in a payment from the council to the pension fund of £24,069.89.

These amounts will all be funded from the district council's reserves.

As of April 2018 Mr Mackenzie's annual wage, according to PDC's website, was in the £82,005-£90,212 salary band.

Meanwhile, Dorset County Council head Debbie Ward is leaving her post with a £170,000 payout.

The Shadow Dorset Council has already announced Aiden Dunn to be appointed to the role of Executive Director.

Mr Dunn's, and four other senior appointments to the new unitary authority, have a combined salary of £655,000.

On Mr Mackenzie's position, the report to PDC councillors, said: "On February 11 a formal meeting took place between the leader of the council, Cllr Gary Suttle, Steve Mason – Local Government Association – and Mr Mackenzie.

"The meeting considered Mr Mackenzie's position and the options available to him.

"Following the meeting the leader of the council accepted it would be appropriate for the council to agree to Mr Mackenzie's voluntary release on the basis of the shadow council's voluntary release scheme.

"Due to his age and length of service, Mr Mackenzie would be entitled to access his pension."