A PERSON was taken to hospital with a head injury following a fall in Purbeck.

The casualty slipped on rocks at Kimmeridge Bay on Thursday afternoon and also reported having back pain.

Kimmeridge Coastguard was called to the scene at 4.45pm along with back-up from the St Albans Coastguard team.

A spokesperson for Kimmeridge Coastguard said that due to the seriousness of the injuries reported, the air ambulance was called to the scene, however, due to the “fast incoming tide” the air ambulance instead had to land at Kimmeridge car park.

South West Ambulance Service also attended with a community first responder and a rapid response vehicle.

The casualty was strapped to a stretcher, however, due to poor light and slippery steps, the casualty was winched to safety by the coastguard search and rescue helicopter stationed at Lee on Solent.

The casualty was taken to the specialist head injury unit at Southampton Hospital.