PLANS to develop an unused part of Swanage Hospital for a new car park, relatives’ suite and new staff facilities have been put forward.

Dorset HealthCare NHS trust has submitted a planning application to develop the former Everest site following its demolition two years ago.

On top of a new 21-space car park, which it says will help alleviate parking issues on roads surrounding the hospital, its proposals would see it build a new facility for patients’ relatives.

The Everest building was demolished after being unused for a number of years due to structural issues but the site has not been used since.

The trust has now submitted plans to Purbeck District Council for the construction of a car park, relatives’ room, staff room, meeting room and an expansion of its storage facilities on the plot.

“Swanage Hospital has been looking at ways to improve the experience and facilities for patients relatives and staff,” a planning statement submitted with its application says.

“To help alleviate the present arrangement of having to park on unrestricted roads, the trust, supported by the League of Friends, is proposing to create a small surface car park on the site.”

It adds that the other proposed facilities are “much-needed” with staff facilities “in short supply” and that the proposals would not lead to any extra use of the hospital.

The relatives’ room would be made available to patients’ family members for overnight accommodation and the trust says it is particularly needed when “considering end-of-life scenarios”.

“The point to emphasise is that all of these facilities will enhance the experience of those using and working in the hospital,” the planning statement adds.

The planning application proposes to relocate slowworms which live on the site during the construction period before they are released into an enhanced natural area after.

The application will be considered by the council in the coming weeks.