SECRET heathland at RSPB Arne will be opened up to the public for three guided walks during March.

These walks are to enable people to catch a glimpse of wildlife such as the woodlark and Dartford Warbler.

RSPB Arne Visitor experience intern Thomas Price said: "Heathland habitat is rarer than rainforest, and we are incredibly lucky to have some of the best remaining parts here in Dorset. RSPB Arne protects an important area of lowland heath, which is home to rare species of plants and animals, including birds like the woodlark and Dartford Warbler.

"Join our wildlife guides for a two-hour walk on this special heathland, exploring parts of the reserve not normally open to the public.

"With spring in the air we’ will be on the lookout for the woodlark."

This is the best time of the year to see them, as they are busy establishing their territories.

"They do this by ‘out singing’ each other for the best breeding spots, with their distinctive trilling song," said Mr Price.

"We will also keep our eyes peeled for the iconic Dartford Warbler - these secretive birds are hard to spot so make sure you join us for your best chance to see them."

The walks are scheduled for March 14, 21, 28, from 10-11am.