PEOPLE are being urged to stay away from the bases and edges of cliffs following a rockfall in Purbeck with concerns more incidents could occur.

Lulworth Rangers said they received reports of a rockfall between Bats Head and Swyre Head on Tuesday.

A spokesperson said Dorset County Council was already investigating the ground above Swyre Head following a separate report.

They added: “Our coastline is always eroding, erosion becomes accelerated at this time of year due to weather like we have experienced of late.

“Stay safe on the coast.”

Last week, a 1,000-tonne rockfall occurred at West Bay.

Emergency services were called to East Beach at about 5.30pm on March 12 where they discovered a huge piece of the cliff had crashed onto the shore. Luckily nobody was walking under the 150ft tall cliffs at the time. Coastguards and experts from the Environment Agency fear there could be more cliff falls to come.