A WOMAN is calling for action at a Purbeck beauty spot after collecting dozens of dog poo bags within the space of just two hours.

Anna Shepherd, who lives in Morden Park, collected 64 bags from a small area of Wareham Forest on Tuesday with Maria Munn from Plastic Free Purbeck.

A dog owner herself, Ms Shepherd said she had a “bee in her bonnet” about plastic bags being dumped in the countryside.

Ms Shepherd said: “I’ve been noticing the problem’s been getting worse over the last two years and it seems to be peaking.”

“I am seeing these revolting tree decorations everywhere in increasing numbers and it has to be down to lack of awareness and ignorance on the part of the public.”

“I think there’s need to be a map of where you can let your dog poo in peace and where you need to pick it up.”

She added: “We didn’t go more than quarter of a mile. It was mainly near the car park because dog owners get to the forest and let their dogs out of the car and the first thing they do is go to the toilet.”

The Forestry Commission said there are two 100 litre bins in Wareham Forest at Lawson’s Clump and Sika Trail car parks which are emptied weekly.

A spokesperson said: “Dog owners have the responsibility to bag their dog’s waste and we only suggest the ‘stick & flick’ alternative in more remote areas of the forest, where owners can take a stick and flick the dog waste into bushes or undergrowth away from the path where people are very unlikely to tread.”