HUNDREDS of people who gathered for an illegal rave near Corfe Castle over the Easter weekend have now left, police say.

As reported on Sunday, more than 1,000 revellers attended the event that was organised without permission at two fields in Wytch. 

Police received more than 100 calls about the rave from members of the public who have experienced two sleepless nights due to the noise.

There were reports the rave could be heard from up to 10 miles away.

Officers went to the site after receiving the first calls shortly after 12am on Sunday.

Despite remaining at the scene throughout Sunday and into Monday morning, the rave continued for a second night, and the last group of revellers only left the site at 12pm this afternoon.

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Kessell said due to the "large scale of the initial event" the process of moving the revellers on had taken "some time".

Access to the site and some minor roads is closed and police will be turning away anyone who attempts to gain entry, he said.

“We are fully aware of the distress and disruption this incident has caused to local residents and visitors to the area, many of whom experienced sleepless nights because of the amount of noise coming from the site. We have received more than 100 calls from members of the public in relation to this and clearly the selfish behaviour of a few have disrupted the holiday weekend for many residents and visitors.

“We have liaised with the landowner and now put containment around the site to prevent further people from attending. On Sunday afternoon specially-trained officers from our public order unit were authorised to enter the site and direct those present to leave the scene of the unlawful gathering using our powers under the Public Order Act.

“Due to the large scale of the initial event this process has taken some time, and it is unfortunate that a core group of those involved continued to cause a disturbance into Sunday night.

“By the early hours of this morning only a small proportion of individuals remained on site. Sound equipment was seized, allowing us to minimise any further disruption to local residents.

“After initially refusing to comply with our efforts to move them on, this final group eventually left the site shortly after 12pm today."

He said as well as the noise disturbance to residents and holidaymakers in the area, and livestock on farmland on and near the site, criminal damage to property was reported.

"We are investigating these matters and will ensure those found to be responsible are prosecuted. This is supported by vehicle checks in the area and on the site, deployment of officers with video recording equipment, drones and bodycams as well as other intelligence gathering methods.

“We are also keen to hear from anyone with information about those involved in organising the event or have witnessed offences committed."

He reminded frustrated residents: “Dorset Police has been managing this incident alongside a number of other serious incidents, with heavy business as usual demand, as is normal for a sunny bank holiday weekend in Dorset, when thousands of visitors attend the county. This has disrupted communities and caused our officers to work extended hours.

“Local residents will see an increased police presence while operations are concluded and as we continue to work with the landowner.

“I would like to thank the public for reporting the issue to us, and appreciate their patience while the matter was resolved. I would also like to thank the landowner for their support and co-operation throughout this incident."