A FILM about the death of T.E Lawrence has been given permission to film at Clouds Hill – the cottage where the famous military officer lived.

It comes after director Mark T J Griffin was denied access to film at the site last year by the National Trust, which owns the land.

At the time Mr Griffin accused the trust of ‘censorship’ and claimed he received an email from the custodian and volunteers of Clouds Hill saying they could not support the project because they believed the film ‘perpetuates the theory of Lawrence’s death being a conspiracy.’

However, after speaking to assistant director of the National Trust, Ian Wilson, it was agreed the feud was 'a bit of a storm in a teacup.'

Posting on the Lawrence After Arabia Facebook page, Mr Griffin, said: “Well, after the challenges last year we’ve finally managed to agree filming at the National Trust and have now exchanged contracts. Originally, we were aiming to film for about two days, but this has been reduced to about half a day for a variety of reasons for example cost, limitations at the property and the time we have left now that we’ve already completed half of the film. We have managed to film some scenes already in a studio and will film garden scenes elsewhere. We aim to film mainly shots of T E Lawrence and the Brough in the courtyard, by the cottage and garage and have a detailed shoot planned for the day. This is great news and thanks to Ian Wilson and the team at the property for getting us over the line.”

He told the Echo: "We agreed it was a bit of a storm in a teacup and said subject to terms and conditions filming could go ahead. The contract has been sent and I am liaising with the property for timings and dates. We're limited because of the work on the fence and bank and we have shot and will shoot stuff elsewhere, but it's good news all round. I have been told our fee will go towards the property, so I am very pleased."

A spokesman for the National Trust said: “We confirm we have reviewed our decision and are now able to accommodate the request for filming at Clouds Hill. National Trust places are popular with film companies and the money from these productions stays with the place used – in this case it will go towards the costs of keeping Clouds Hill for ever, for everyone.”

The film is due to complete filming in summer 2019 for release in May 2020.