A NEWLY-BOUGHT boat became stuck in mud after its owners attempted to sail in the River Frome.

Officials from coastguard teams in Lymington, Kimmeridge and Poole, as well as RNLI volunteers, were called out on Thursday after the vessel ran aground near Swineham Point, near Wareham.

Three crew members were aboard at the time.

A spokesperson from Poole Coastguard said "poor navigation having only owned the boat for two days" was the reason for the crew's troubles.

"Two mud technicians from Poole and Lymington were taken by Poole lifeboat to a spot close to the casualty vessel," the spokesperson said.

"Crew decided to stay with the stricken vessel as they had shelter and water and would wait for their boat to refloat.

"As the RNLI were out training later that evening they said they would come back and check on then."

The volunteers discovered later that the crew had been unable to successfully refloat their boat. "A lot of advice" was given about boat ownership, the spokesperson said.