VOLUNTEERS for a community speed watch team were 'verbally abused' by a driver who was "having a bad day", police say.

The motorist was tracked down and spoken to by officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team.

An officer from No Excuse said: "The speed watch team felt intimidated by the verbal abuse and it was referred to us.

"The matter was fully investigated and the offender was dealt with for a public order offence.

"When the driver was spoken to he stated he was sorry and that he was having a bad day.

"It was explained to him that the team are volunteers from the local community giving up their spare time to make the roads safer.

"Abuse or intimidation to the community speed watch volunteers will not be tolerated and all offences will be dealt with robustly.

"No Excuse officers and the camera team often support the community speed watch teams by going on patrol with them."

Currently, there are 90 speed watch teams working across 500 Dorset locations.

"If you see them, maybe just give them a polite thanks for the voluntary work they are doing," the officer said.