PLANNING chiefs have rubber-stamped plans for the reorganisation of a recycling depot in Wareham.

Members of Dorset Council's eastern area planning committee discussed the proposals last week.

The applicant, Dorset Waste Partnership, wanted to reorganise the site to include provision for parking of recycling vehicles, the introduction of a vehicle 'wash down' area, portable buildings for offices and shipping containers for storage.

Although the Westminster Road site has been used as a depot for more than 20 years, at the time of the planning officer's visit it was vacant.

Dorset Council had been contacted by neighbours who raised a number of concerns.

Two nearby residents were worried about noise issues if the site if brought back into use, while a third neighbour raised concerns regarding waste water from cleaning trucks running into nearby gardens.

A report from Dorset Council planning officer Alexandra Dones, which was circulated to committee members ahead of their discussions, recommended permission be granted for the scheme.

Ms Dones said: "Previously there was one large industrial-style building on site and vans would park behind the building directly adjacent to the rear boundary which abuts residential properties and their gardens.

"The large industrial unit has now been demolished and the vehicles have been temporarily relocated to the highways depot, which is across the road from the application site, while the demolition and reorganisation of the site takes place.

"The proposed reorganisation of the site is designed to make better use of the whole site by having smaller buildings and designated parking areas to the front.

"The applicant believes this will improve the operations on site whilst bettering the previous situation for the occupiers of nearby residential properties."

The eastern area planning committee meet at The Allendale Centre in Wimborne