THE roof is being put onto the renovated Swanage bandstand – but concerns are mounting with regards to its opening concert.

Friends of Swanage Bandstand (FOSB) founder Alan Houghton said: "Everything is looking great and there is so much excitement in the town to see our heritage restored and not lost.

"As previously announced the figure needed to complete the enhancement of the bandstand and surrounds without the seating was £207,000.

"We have raised in our own right £129,000 with Swanage Town Council adding £80,000, making £209,000."

Alan says the fund for the seating has started, with the town council adding £7,500 towards it.

However, he is concerned the council is taking too long to commit to the type of seating out of the three under consideration.

Alan said: "The next most important details are that the FOSB have announced an opening date consisting of an all day concert on September 14.

"This was the latest date that we could get Swanage Town Band to perform, alongside many other performers including the June Ranger Dance school who are rehearsing so hard for us, but I’ve been warned by the council that it may not be completed in time.

"I believe the bandstand will be in place with just the snagging to attend to and I’ve asked if they will give us access on the day as we will have to disappoint so many people from far and wide.

"This opening ceremony will bring the town so much good publicity."

In 2017 the town council announced the sunken bandstand may have to be filled in if no proposals for the site were forthcoming.

The roof of the Victorian structure had been declared unsound during refurbishment works in 2012, which had taken place to address significant storm damage it had suffered previously.

News the bandstand was facing its final curtain caused public outcry locally, and after more than 200 people attended a crisis meeting.