COASTGUARD officials were called out on Saturday evening after a man drank so much he couldn't find a way to leave the beach at Durdle Door.

The team based at Lulworth were already dealing with another incident when they helped the heavily intoxicated man.

One officials said: "Team members walked the man off the beach, up the steps and then drove him to the top of the hill, where he was reunited with his partner.

"A further complication was that the couple had no way of getting home.

"The team made some enquires and found the man and his partner accommodation in West Lulworth before returning to station.

"Thanks to the the members of the public that helped and the The Castle Inn for providing some last-minute accommodation."

The team were already at the beauty spot to help a teenager who suffered a severe asthma attack.

Crew members were paged just before 6pm to support the ambulance service.

The official ssaid: "The team made their way to the beach and located the teenage girl, who was having a severe asthma attack.

"This had led to a panic attack.

"The incident was caused by swimming in the sea.

"On scene were the Lulworth first responders, who were providing initial first aid and assessments.

"The paramedics arrived and began to calm the girl down and helped her with her breathing.

"After some time, the girl was escorted around the beach and given a lift back to the ambulance in the Lulworth first responders' vehicle."