RESIDENTS who confirmed their voter details online, by phone or text have helped Dorset Council make savings of nearly £175,000.

Dorset Council says it would have cost an extra £173,650, as of September 19, if these households had chosen to return their details by post.

Every year local authorities have to send a household enquiry form to all properties in their area to find out who is eligible to vote. This legal obligation is known as the annual canvass.

According to Dorset Council each person who responds to the canvass by digital methods, rather than returning a paper form, saves them an estimated £2.30 in postage and processing costs.

Dorset Council chief executive Matt Prosser said: "They saved time and helped their council reduce costs, which can be focused on service delivery instead. They also helped lower the carbon footprint of the canvass, benefitting the environment too.

“We need people to respond to the canvass so that we can compile an accurate electoral register.

“Nearly 80 per cent of Dorset households have already confirmed their details. If you haven’t responded to your household enquiry form yet, please do it digitally."