SWANAGE Bandstand will officially reopen on Saturday. (October 26)

The occasion will be marked with a performance from the Swanage Town Band at 12noon.

Friends of Swanage Bandstand (FOSB) founder Alan Houghton said: "We need you all to come out and support us as we are still raising funds for the seating.

"Also we have had printed souvenir brochures done showing various stages of the progress including pictures.

"These are available at Swanage Bookshop, Nationwide, Swanage Museum and also on opening day for donations of at least one pound.

Work started on the bandstand earlier this year after months of wrangling and fundraising.

The overall cost of the project, met through a number of grants and donations to the FOSB, is likely to top £207,000.

The original Swanage Bandstand, manufactured by Walter Macfarlane & Co at the Saracen Foundry, Glasgow, was made of cast iron and installed in 1923.

In 2017 the town council announced the sunken bandstand may have to be filled in if no proposals for the site were forthcoming.

Mr Houghton said: "Our bandstand is now back fully restored, and it now has internal lighting and an extra gate that makes it easier and safer for the people performing.

"It also has a new electricity supply, new drainage with all stonework now cleaned and repointed, all surrounding surfaces with new tarmac, and it’s looking really great.

"Sadly we don’t have new seating yet but we are almost ready for the job to be done, so I’m confident that it will soon be fitted, and it will be worth the wait.

"Again we thank everyone involved for the support that’s been given to us."

Some seating has been arranged for Saturday.