AS the nights become colder and darker, we begin to wrap ourselves in fluffy jumpers and warm blankets to insulate ourselves from the biting cold.

But it has now been recommended by Bournemouth Water that we should do the same to our pipes.

According to the water industry regulator Ofwat, data from the ‘Beast from the East’ revealed that up to 70-85% of bursts across the UK during the extremely cold weather in March 2018 happened on customers’ own pipes.

Bournemouth Water's Customer Service Director, Jo Ecroyd said: "Taking some simple steps to protect your pipes now costs very little, yet could save in repairs and prevent an unwelcome surprise."

Taking simple steps now will aid pipes in the long-run, as well as significantly reduce the chance of a burst pipe.

Wrapping pipes with lagging is an example of what can be done to reduce the chance of a burst.

Jo Ecroyd continued by endorsing Bournemouth Water's top five tips.

She said: "By following our top tips, you can minimise the risk of this happening to your water supply.”

Bournemouth Water's top five tips are as follows:

1. Wrap up your pipes and water tanks with lagging – especially those in unheated areas such as lofts, garages or garden

2. Fix dripping taps - even a small trickle can result in a frozen pipe

3. Find your inside stop tap (usually under the kitchen sink) and make sure you can turn it off

4. Leave the heating on low if you go away

5. Check your central heating boiler has been serviced

For more information on how to protect your pipework, visit

If you, or someone in your house, has a medical condition that requires constant access to a supply of water, or would find it difficult to reach an alternative supply during an interruption, then you can sign up to South West Water’s Priority Services.