RESEARCH reveals that 82 per cent of 16-17 year olds are looking to spend more time with their parents as well as explore new places across the U.K.

Forget social media and Netflix, almost half (44 per cent) of teens from the South West say they become bored spending too much time at home, with more than a third (38 per cent) wanting to do something exciting and spontaneous in the great outdoors.

Many worry about the impact spending a lot of time alone is having on their mental health, as well as the impact of social media and screen time.

 If money were no obstacle, respondents said they would go to a bigger city for shopping (56%) or take day trips (47%) to various places, amongst other things.

Others also detailed their interest in thrilling activities such as abseiling and zip-lining.

Further research from National Rail's 16-17 Saver survey revealed that more than six in ten 16-17 year olds want to spend more quality time with their parents.

Unlike Kevin the Teenager, these teens believe that spending more time with their parents would make them happy, with sharing experiences and memories with parents at the top of the teenagers' to-do list.

Marketing Director of National Rail Billy Denyer said: "This research shows that teenagers want to get out and about.

"This is far from the stereotype of teenagers wanting to only spend time on social media, they are open to going to new places, having new experiences with their friends and with their parents."

Despite teenagers wanting to spend more time with their parents and do exciting things, money is a huge obstacle for both teenagers and parents alike.

38 per cent of parents cited the cost of travel as a reason why they did not go on more trips with their teens.

The newly launched National Rail 16-17 Saver offers a 50 per cent discount off train fares around the country – meaning that families can spend more quality time together and young adults have the opportunity to venture further afield with their family, or friends, including outside of school or college time.

Billy Denyer explained the motive behind the new scheme: "The 16-17 Saver is designed to help young adults expand their horizons and benefit from all the opportunities available to them, travelling by train.  

"It can be used for anything from visiting universities to creating memorable experiences with friends and family."

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