POLICE took six cars off the road on Saturday morning – because their drivers hadn't properly insured them.

A BMW was one of the vehicles seized by officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team within a matter of hours.

One of the drivers stopped was behind the wheel of a Vauxhall Agila borrowed from a boss.

An officer said: "The driver had borrowed their employer's car to go shopping.

"Even though the employer allowed this, it was still the driver's responsibility to be properly insured.

"When we stopped the car to advise on poor driving, we discovered the driver was not named on the insurance policy.

"The driver was reported and the vehicle seized; both driver and employer now face consequences."

The officers then stopped a BMW, a Peugeot 106 and a Ford Fiesta, none of which were insured, before heading to Matchams Lane.

There, they issued four tickets for speeding before seizing an old Peugeot.

"The driver immediately admitted having no insurance, simply saying he could not afford it," the officer said.

"While we appreciate honest and forthright drivers and we're sympathetic to a point, informing people of the likely outcome, the facts remain the same."

Finally, police seized a Volkswagen after the driver was spotted driving his child around with no licence and no insurance.

The motorist had never sat a test.