LITTER Free Dorset have announced their Christmas campaign which will help reduce the amount of excess waste families produce during the festive season.

Using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Litter Free Dorset will release “seasonal swaps” throughout December to act as an advent calendar, hoping to inspire Dorset to reduce the amount of excess and unnecessary waste.

The campaign so far has offered three suggestions for families. They want you to “deck the halls with boughs of holly.”

This involves making your own decorations from recyclable items or natural objects, for example green foliage like holy for table centre pieces and pinecones to go on the tree. They also suggest making your own Christmas cards from old magazines.

The second suggestion focusses on clogging sinks with food waste. The campaign says to “not be a turkey when it comes to disposing of your fats, oils and greases this Christmas.”

To avoid this, they suggest cooling your waste, and scraping it into the bin rather than the sink.

Finally, Litter Free Dorset call for less plastic use this Christmas. They ask you to be conscious when Christmas shopping this year, and question whether there is a plastic free alternative to what you are looking to buy.