'Lawrence: After Arabia' is a full-length feature film now in Post-Production following completion of filming in June 2019.

The film stars Brian Cox, Hugh Fraser, Michael Maloney, Nicole Ansari Cox and Tom Barber Duffy in the lead role.

It is the final act in the TE Lawrence story following David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962) with Peter O’Toole and “A Dangerous Man” (1996) with Ralph Fiennes.

The story follows T.E Lawrence who has retired to his cottage in Dorset, hoping to escape his past but is pulled into political intrigue.

While Lawrence has powerful friends, he has made some dangerous enemies.

As they plot against him he is involved in a motorcycle accident.w

With such enemies the question is posed as to whether it could have been an assassination by the British Secret Service.

The film was shot on location in Dorset and will be released 85 years after TE Lawrence's mysterious death when new information regarding the accident may be made public.

The film has a strong following on social media, especially in Dorset when Lawrence is still regarded as a local hero.

On IMDB, it is currently trending at No.2 in films for release in 2020 with a budget of less than £1m.

For more information visit IMDB or visit the 'Lawrence: After Arabia' social media pages.