ARMED police 'locked down' Bournemouth University after a 'man with a suicide vest on' was seen.

Officers were called at 2.33pm on Friday after a man was spotted near one of the university's campus'. 

However, police have now confirmed the man was in fact wearing a running vest.

A police spokesperson said: "An initial report suggested the man was wearing something that resembled a suicide vest.

"As a precaution, the university was put on lockdown as searches of the area were carried out.

"Officers attended the scene and undertook an investigation, including a review of CCTV footage, and it was established it was believed to be someone running in a fitness vest.

"The lockdown has now been lifted."

Students were told to stay inside their buildings during the incident, with security placed at the doors to prevent people from leaving, some eyewitnesses said.

The incident was variously reported on social media as a stabbing and a possible shooting. One person tweeted to say it was believed a man 'covered in blood' had tried to get into the union.

University buses were temporarily suspended and a police helicopter was dispatched to the scene. 

Students kept inside university buildings posted on social media about the police incident.