FOLK trio The Churchfitters will be returning to Harman's Cross Village Hall in March.

The three virtuoso musicians, Chris Short, Rosie Short and Boris Lebret, collectively play the flute, banjo, dulcimer, tin whistle, guitar, ukulele, electric hub-cap bass-bouzouki and the unique ‘bing-bong’ machine which is made out of hack-saw blades.

Previously, they've played three sell-out shows at Harman's Cross Village Hall.

A spokesman for the venue said: "Broadcaster and singer/songwriter Mike Harding is a self-confessed ‘huge, huge fan’ and he calls The Churchfitters' music 'totally brilliant and beautiful'.

"The band is looking forward to returning to Dorset to give its high energy show that always leaves audiences cheering and wanting more."

The show is scheduled for Saturday, March 7, from 8pm.

Tickets, costing £13, are available online via the hall’s website or from the Spa Shop in Valley Road, Harman's Cross, or by telephone on 01929 289209.