NEW lime trees have been planted alongside the main road into Swanage, as part of a new project by the Trees for Dorset charity.

This initiative, called 'I'm backing a greener Britain', involved the Sustainable Swanage group and was also supported by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and the Wool Flora and Fauna Group.

Planting, which took place alongside Swanage's Victoria Avenue, was coordinated by Trees for Dorset consultant project officer Toby Branston.

A project spokesman said: "Volunteers from Trees for Dorset came from Weymouth, Frampton, Dorchester, Blandford and Sherborne to help Sustainable Swanage get the sizeable lime trees planted.

"The idea is to work with community groups or individuals wishing to plant trees to counteract climate change, providing expertise and financial input enabling them to realise their wishes.

"'I'm backing a greener Britain' is also promoting signatories to its environmental charter, upholding green ethics such as promoting the use of hedges rather than fences and opposing any development that threatens ancient woodland, and the removal of healthy trees more than 200 -years-old to facilitate the execution of planning applications.

Visit for further information on the project.

The trees were planted late January.