SWARMS of tourists who descended on a popular Dorset beauty spot abused and threatened residents.

Impatient visitors to Lulworth Cove urinated in hedges and knocked on doors asking to park on private property.

Now the owner of a local business has spoken out about the behaviour of those involved.

Posting on Facebook, the owner of Create at the Cove, who refers to himself only as Stuart, said: “I am acutely aware the whole population have been and still are suffering in one way or another during lockdown.

“However, I have to say the Government have got it spectacularly wrong in relaxing rules and allowing unfettered travel in England.

“What I have experienced today beggars belief and makes you wonder what type of world my beautiful granddaughters will grow up into.

“All day I have had people knocking at my door flashing £20 and £50 notes in my face asking if they can park in my car park. I have been verbally abused. Subjected to the most disgusting hand signs. Witnessed people getting out of their cars and urinating in the hedgerows.

“Had two bollards stolen. Now I have had to place a very heavy pallet with two more bollards blocking the entrance. People have been arriving in convoy and walking down to the Cove in groups of 15 - 20.”

He said he believes it would be “totally a waste of time” to try to explain to such people that the country is in crisis and added: “This old fella is usually placid and easy going but today’s events could quite readily tempt me to lose faith in human nature.”

Emergency services were also called to the Lulworth area several times on Sunday including to deal with a man who suffered serious injuries when he fell off his bike cycling down a steep hill from Flowers Barrow to Worbarrow Bay.

Lulworth and Kimmeridge coastguard, the Lulworth Responders, South Western Ambulance and the Devon Air Ambulance were all involved in the rescue.

The easing of lockdown restrictions led to some car parks and toilets opening in popular areas but some, including Lulworth Cove, remained closed.

On Saturday, a resident who did not wish to be named, told the Daily Echo that parking and social distancing were both causing problems.

She said: “Today has been absolutely ridiculous, it was utter chaos. Truthfully, I was expecting this to happen but I was hoping that people wouldn’t be so stupid.

“Lots of my neighbours and residents in the village are elderly and this is affecting them.

“People are careless and thoughtless.”

The worried resident added: “Obviously people are going outside to exercise but there are more sensible places to do it than this small village.

“It is impossible to socially distance on the path to the cove.”

Residents in England are allowed to drive further afield from their homes to exercise but strict social distancing measures should still be maintained at all times.