DURDLE Door has been renamed 'Durdle Dumpsite' by a volunteer group of beach cleaners following a hectic weekend at the beauty spot.

Jurassic Coast Beach Cleaners, who regularly frequent the sandy shores to clear away rubbish, had a large job on their hands on Sunday, May 31.

Roy Beal and his fellow volunteers spent nearly three hours cleaning up the copious amounts of litter on Sunday evening, just one day since they were last there.

Roy said: "We cleared the beach on Friday and Saturday night as well as Sunday morning and night. Sunday was the worst day without a doubt. Rubbish has been pretty rife all over the coast."

Three of the five Jurassic Coast Beach Cleaners who visited Durdle Door on Sunday discovered and collected a variety of litter, varying from single-use plastics, a plastic paddling pool, cutlery, used barbecues (which are banned), food waste, used nappies and much more.

This litter, however, does not take into account the litter left in the car park.

Roy explained: "There is no care taken by the public. It's not all the public but it feels like it. We found a few wardrobes worth of clothes in the car park, there were shoes and clothes.

"We have now offered our services as Beach Warden volunteers to Lulworth Estate to help."

The team consists of Roy, Erin Tyrrell, Oly Rush, Lee Cooper and Louis Pulford, but more volunteers would be greatly welcomed to help assist them with their beach cleaning efforts.

To find out more, visit: https://www.cleanjurassiccoast.uk/

Alternatively, search 'Clean Jurassic Coast' on Facebook or see @jcbeachcleaners on Instagram.