LITTER Free Coast and Sea and Litter Free Dorset have joined forces to call for residents and visitors to help keep Purbeck clean.

Matilda Manley, from Litter Free Coast and Sea, “We were struck by some of the photos we saw that were taken locals living within walking distance of beaches across Dorset during lockdown.

"In normal circumstances over the Easter holidays and during glorious weather like we have been experiencing we would sadly expect to see huge amounts of food and drink related litter on some of our beaches.

"Now that lockdown is easing, we have been seeing litter levels increase.

The teams are asking for your support by:

  •  remembering to take your litter home, use a bin, or pack a #litterfreepicnic and a flask of coffee for your next outing
  •  sharing on social media any photos you took of Dorset spots that you were able to visit responsibly during lockdown using the hashtag #keepitclean

Sophie Colley, from Litter Free Dorset, said: “Litter Free Dorset’s volunteers can’t take part in the usual monthly litter picks currently, so we are asking everyone to do their bit to #KeepItClean.

"We have seen an increase in littered PPE which is polluting our water ways as well as and barbecue-related litter which can cause devastating wildfires.

"Please take your litter home."

Meanwhile, Matilda said: "Through the campaign we want to show people how spotless these beaches were during lockdown and ask people to help #keepitclean by taking their litter home.

"Many of us really missed visiting the beach during lockdown, me included, so let’s show our beaches the love they deserve and #keepitclean.”

Litter Free Dorset and Litter Free Coast and Sea are community campaigns to reduce litter across Dorset and improve bathing water quality.

They are both made up of a group of local organisations, charities and community groups.

They all work together to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter.

This is done by trying to stop littering behaviour in the first place and through clean ups.