LITTER Free Dorset has developed the 'Don't Be A Tos53r' campaign to target visitors that may choose to leave their rubbish behind in Dorset.

When lockdown restrictions eased in June, littering behaviour increased dramatically and Dorset beaches were strewn with rubbish. As people's habits are moving to takeaway options, disposable packaging is on the rise and risks polluting the county if people choose to act irresponsibly. The increase in staycations this year has led to a high number of visitors coming to Dorset and the additional litter is putting a strain on council services to manage the waste.

Litter Free Dorset will be installing posters in Dorset Council car parks and larger signs in area which experience high footfall during the summer holidays. The community campaign is asking people to put their rubbish in the bin or, if it is full, to take it home.