AN EXPERIMENTAL traffic order in a popular Purbeck seaside town centre is being scrapped, after more than 90 objections were received by businesses and residents.

Swanage's Kings Road East was reversed, with the flow of traffic heading into town, as part of the traffic management arrangements during the £450,000 work on Institute Road – which saw the town centre route closed to vehicles for five months as part of plans to widen the footway and improve safety.

Following the completion of the works, which were interrupted by the coronavirus lockdown, Swanage Town Council asked for the reversal to remain in place as an experimental order to see if it could help the flow of traffic around the town with Institute Road reopened.

Some civic officials argued that for many years there has been a desire for a second route into the southern part of the town, with Kings Road East being the only viable thoroughfare to fulfil this.

However, not all town centre residents and businesses agreed.

Now Dorset Council has confirmed that following representations made by local residents and Swanage Town Council the experimental order is being suspended, with Kings Road East reverting to an out of town flow from Friday 14 August. The weight restriction on High Street will also be reinstated.

Cllr Ray Bryan, portfolio holder for highways, travel and environment at Dorset Council, said: “We’re always happy to work with town and parish councils to investigate what can be done to help improve highway conditions in their area.

“Working with Swanage Town Council there was an opportunity to put into practice a long sought-after additional route into the town and gain feedback from residents.

“It is clear from the representations made that this route does not work for local residents.”

Around 90 objections were received as part of the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) consultation which was due to run until August 7.

Plans are now in place to return the road back to its original flow from the High Street towards Kings Road West.

The council spokesman said: "ETROs can only be modified or suspended, rather than revoked.

"On paper the Kings Road East ETRO will continue to run for its full 18 months but the suspension overrides this, allowing the road to revert to its original flow earlier than anticipated."