A WOMAN who broke her ankle and became "mildly hypothermic" on near the Purbeck coast was winched into a helicopter and taken to hospital.

Coastguard rescue teams from Lulworth, rushed to Swyre Head, the highest point of the Purbeck Hills, shortly before 6pm on Thursday.

The casualty had been helped by passersby after she had "clearly broken her ankle".

She was eventually airlifted to Poole and rushed to hospital.

A Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team spokesperson said: "The team set about casualty care while they waited for the ambulance to arrived.

"With several allocated ambulances being diverted to more serious jobs, the team began to think of alternative extraction methods.

"Both Wyke Coastguard CRT and Kimmeridge Coastguard were tasked to attend, a lengthy carry out was being considered. Our duty SCOO (senior coastal operations officer) was also sent to scene.

"After some time, Wyke arrived in the area and transported an ambulance crew down to the casualty.

"On arrival, the ambulance crew addressed the ankle, administered pain relief and deemed the lady mildly hypothermic.

"With the added complications, a helicopter recovery was now deemed the best form of extraction. Rescue 175 was tasked, arriving on scene some 20 minutes later. Their paramedic worked with the two already on scene to prepare the lady for hospital and supplied further pain relief.

"The casualty was winched aboard the aircraft and flown to Poole where they were met by Poole Coastguard Rescue Team."