I AM writing this sitting at my desk looking out of my window at beautiful green fields, mature trees, and a bird feeder that is covered in blue tits, great tits and sparrows.

During lockdown I spent a lot of time working at this desk and along with my laptop, the books and other general junk that usually live on my desk, my camera also took up residence.

With time to spend in one place that would normally have been spent dashing off somewhere else, I began to appreciate much more fully the birds outside my window, and to take pictures of them.

I learnt a lot; particularly in watching the two families of great spotted woodpeckers who brought first themselves and then their young to feed.

As I sit here today, I am reminding myself that having the time to simply sit and observe the beauty of the creation that I believe was given to us by God, was one of the gifts of lockdown that I don't want to lose.

Lockdown was a time that was difficult in so many ways, and I am very aware that not everyone is as lucky as I am in the view that they have to look out on, but I wonder whether there are things that were part of it that you too can see as a gift, and like me, will try not to lose in whatever the months ahead might bring.

Rev Hilary Bond

Schools worker and Pioneer Priest for the Parish of Wareham