A VETERAN of D-Day who laid a poppy wreath at his Bournemouth care home has given some simple advice to the nation under lockdown.

Geoffrey Scovell, age 97, who served in the Royal Navy during World War II, was asked to give a message to people facing time away from friends, family and loved ones because of the pandemic.

And in true wartime style, he simply said: "Keep you chin up and take each day as it comes."

Geoffrey was speaking at a Remembrance Sunday service at the Great Oaks care home.

During D-Day his ship operated as landing boat headquarters.

He also said: "If some people get pleasure out of something I say, it is worth it.

"After lockdown I will be looking forward to just getting out to do some shopping."

Residents from across Encore Care Homes homes have been enjoying a host of crafts in recognition of Remembrance Day.

A large handmade poppy wreath was created using recycled plastic bottle caps during crafting sessions with residents at Great Oaks and at Oakdale in Poole where residents created a home-made

cenotaph decorated with tissue paper poppies to brighten the windows.

Lindsay Rees, head of care and quality assurance at Encore Care Homes said: “I am delighted by the efforts led by our wellbeing teams to support our residents with their Remembrance Day commemorations.

"It is particularly moving to see that Geoffrey is being enabled to continue to talk about his service in the Royal Navy and to share his positive message with his fellow residents and staff.”

Relatives have been able to visit their loved ones during lockdown at Great Oaks and Oakdale care homes following the introduction of screened visiting lounges.

The care home company says these lounges meet new government guidance for visiting older people in care homes, with an airtight floor-to-ceiling screen, intercom system and hearing loop, which is cleaned by staff between visits.