A WOMAN who plummeted 40ft down a Purbeck cliff has thanked the RNLI for helping to save her in a special Christmas video.

Amy Welford was abseiling down a cliff at Anvil Point, near Swanage, when she fell and was seriously injured.

Four years on and she is still coming to terms with those injuries, but says she remains in contact with the RNLI volunteer crew at Swanage who helped her.

In the video Amy joins 13 survivors from across the globe in thanking RNLI volunteers for their service and urging others to remember the charity that saves lives at sea.

Recalling her accident, Amy said: "Halfway into leaning back it was kind of like being suspended for a moment before everything came crashing down."

The crew from Swanage lifeboat station were first on the scene as part of a rescue which saw Amy being airlifted to hospital by the coastguard helicopter.

With coronavirus restrictions preventing those who have been rescued from visiting lifeboat stations, the video highlights survivors who are able to celebrate Christmas this year because of the actions of the RNLI.

"I remember being at the bottom of the cliff and it hadn’t quite sunk in what had happened," said Amy, who was close to celebrating her 21st birthday when the accident happened.

"Next thing I know is there is like people dressed in yellow with massive helmets on. I’ve always been a supporter of the RNLI and immediately recognised the clothing.

"I knew they had the big guns, I knew if need be they could get spinal boards and the means to get me out.

"I’ve always loved the RNLI so I knew the capabilities that they had."

Amy said she's always been very thankful of those that came on the day.

"With coronavirus we haven’t been able to go down (to the station) but every time that we went down to the coast at Swanage I would always make an attempt to go to the lifeboat station," she said. "My mum likes to go to the shop – most of our Christmas shopping tends to come from there.

"It goes through my mind quite a lot – not just at Christmas but the thought that I wouldn’t have got to see my niece for her first Christmas, seeing my friends and family.

"Things could have been much different that day and I got very lucky’.

"If I should ever find myself in a similar predicament I won’t be alone, I will have people that will help me, that will literally drop what they are doing in a second and go and help someone they don’t even know so I would say thank you."